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Owner and creator of the shop, I have 36 years of dog experience, I have had dogs that I titled in mushing, obedience, conformation. I have judged shows, and handled professionally. I learned to groom from top show handlers, I can not groom any other way I have tried to relearn the art. So if I groom your dog will never leave the shop, it will take me 2 days to finish. Dori is much more capable than I. That doesn’t mean I do not groom but that I am extremely slow. My medical background of 33 years as a RN BSN is in medical and surgical nursing, that means I was a jack of all nursing areas. I liked rehab, ortho, gastro, and transplant medicine. This diverse background has given me a wide berth of knowledge. The dogs have given me nutrition and genetics background. I paused this in human medicine as well to further my knowledge. I love, all things science and medicine, and keep abreast of all things new animal and human.


Well lets just say that what Brandi says goes, even for the boss. She is a wealth of information, microbiology, vet tech, dental hygienist, dog wrestler. Born and raised in Tennessee, military veteran, I could not keep the shop together without her. She has a lot more experience than this, like me a hot tempered redhead, set in our ways and only wants the best for all of your pets. Brandi runs the shop and can easily answer any of your animal related questions.


Most clients that have lived on the island for awhile or were raised here knows Sara, she was born and raised on the island, with out her there would probably never been as quick of a start to the grooming at the shop. She helped me build it from the ground up. She has worked in almost every kennel and with several groomers on the island. She has been working with animals since a small child, she is the one who bathes our dogs, cats, ferrets, hedgehogs, or what ever comes in. She can so anything that needs to be done in the shop.

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What Our Customers Think


"The best groomer in town! My 3 dogs come home extremely happy & I couldn't be happier with their services."
- Jacquelin O.

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"It's a one stop shop, for all of your pets needs. My Polo love it.. The staff is very informative!"
- Raphael R.

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"Lots of friendly puppies running around knowledgeable staff, certified groomers, top quality foods and treats."
- Tammy M.

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1664 Old Towne Rd  
Charleston, SC 29407 

Open 10am - 6pm Mon - Sat
Closed on Sundays
Full-service grooming by appt only
From 9 am to 4 pm, Mon-Sat.
We take the last appt at 1 pm.


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